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Bruisyard Hall - Bruisyard Hall Weddings
Bruisyard Hall Weddings
Weddings at Bruisyard Hall, Suffolk
Middleham House - Wedding Venue Hire
Wedding Venue Hire
Wedding Venue Hire Yorkshire Dales
Sparkford Hall - Sparkford Hall Weddings
Sparkford Hall Weddings
Weddings at Sparkford Hall, Somerset
The Barn at Bury Court - Weddings at Bury Court
Weddings at Bury Court
The Barn at Bury Court - Farnham, Surrey

The different types of Wedding Venue

There are many different types of wedding venues that are worth considering for your special day. Some venues are only useful for specific types of weddings while others are fairly flexible and can accommodate many different wedding themes. Here are a few of the best!

Grand estates
There are large country homes and grand estates littered throughout the UK. Many can be hired for a single day or for the entire weekend. Some of these buildings are hundreds of years old and are surrounded by beautiful gardens. They are a great option for classical weddings, rustic weddings or historic weddings.


Similar to a grand estate, castles can make an incredible backdrop for a wedding. They are authentic, rustic and romantic locations for a wedding ceremony or reception. They are also incredibly grand and interesting — they can make a wedding very memorable!

They are the perfect wedding venue for historic or classical weddings.


Rustic-themed weddings have become very popular in recent years. They work best when the ceremony and reception are held at a rustic venue like a barn. There are some incredible old barns in the United Kingdom, which ooze romance, history and charm. They can be set up for a wedding very easily and make for a very relaxed, comfortable and romantic environment.


If you have a smaller wedding party, why not have your wedding or reception on a boat?

You can rent a large yacht for the weekend and get married as the sun sets over the water. It is an incredibly romantic setting and the vessel can transport the married couple directly to their honeymoon!


One of the most common types of wedding venues, hotels are simple to set up for a wedding, are packed with useful facilities and have plenty of accommodation available for guests. The design style of the hotel determines which types of wedding themes it is suitable for. Many hotel function rooms are designed to be a blank canvas and can be decorated to suit the style of your wedding. Another benefit of having a wedding in a hotel is the availability of experienced staff.


Who said weddings had to be held in a fancy building? There are many beautiful outdoor environments in the United Kingdom. You could have a ceremony on the beach at sunset then have a lovely dinner under the stars. Or have a sunrise wedding with the majestic Ben Nevis mountain range in the background, followed by a delicious breakfast. Outdoor environments work for virtually any type of wedding. Simply decorate the marquees to suit the theme of the wedding.

A consideration if you are planning on having an outdoor wedding is that in the UK the area must be licensed for weddings, alternately you could have the blessing outside and the actual wedding ceremony in a nearby property.


If your favourite restaurant is available for wedding hire, you could get married there. You could bring the wedding to the location where you had your first date or first met one another. The food will be great and most restaurants available for wedding hire will let you bring in decorations to suit your wedding’s theme.

Choosing the right venue for your wedding is an incredibly important decision. Just remember to do you research and you’ll find the perfect location to host a beautiful and memorable wedding!

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